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Parts & Supplies

We offer a complete line of replacement parts for ALL your forestry equipment - Timberjack, Franklin, Hood, Barko, Prentice, HydroAx, Cummins and more. We are expanding the parts department to make room for increased product lines, inventory and supplies to better serve your needs. We have the largest availability of Cummins parts ON HAND in the area.

We are your one stop shop for all your logging supplies - from hard hats, flagging and ribbon, chaps, safety, chains, oil & lubes - we have everything you need at competitive prices to get you running and keep you running.

Example of parts you can find in stock every day at Cooper Forestry.
  • Franklin parts
  • Barko Loader & Feller Buncher Parts
  • Rotobec Grapple parts
  • Skidder Tires & Tubes
  • Sprockets
  • Bar Tips
  • Log Trucks Entering Highway Signs
  • Detroit Diesel parts
  • Prentice parts
  • Skidder chain tightners

  • Timberjack parts
  • Buck saw bars for CSI & CTR
  • Hood Loader parts
  • Delimber topping saw bars
  • Quadco saw teeth
  • Buck saw teeth
  • Cummins B&C series engine parts
  • Hydro- Ax parts
  • Skidder chains 5/8 Bayback
  • Some parts may be quality replacement parts

Certified Babac Traction Products Dealer
BABAC® forestry and heavy equipment tire chains are 100% American made and hand assembled for optimum quality control.  BABAC offers a full line of standard tire chain patterns for skidder, forwarder, tractor, grader and heavy equipment applications.

You know the old saying "Pay now or Pay later"
"Git-R-Done" - buy some!

Cooper Forestry Equipment Company

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